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Read Details of Kanye's Suit Against YouTube Founder

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)

(The Root) — So much Kanye West news. He's making up nicely for lost time.

Earlier last week, we learned that West was suing YouTube creator Chad Hurley for allegedly uploading an unauthorized photo of West's ritzy engagement to Kim Kardashian to his new celebrity video startup, MixBit.


Here's my first thought, as I'm sure it was yours: "Kanye needs new security. How, exactly, does the creator of the most popular Internet video service with a reputation of being the conduit of all things viral, which is also now its own Internet institution, end up at this über-private, über-anti-media extravaganza?"


Hurley wasn't invited, but he came with a friend who was. All attendees, including Hurley, signed a confidentiality agreement, and now the full legal documents (which also read a bit like the lyrics of a Kanye West-producded dis track) have emerged.

West and his lawywers basically called Hurley a has-been failure throughout the entire thing:

Hurley, eager for opportunities to promote his new but foundering business enterprise (MixBit), finagled entry into an exclusive event to which he had no been invited …

It goes on:

That Hurley did these things out of desperation is readily apparent. Despite his extraordinary financial success in creating YouTube, which was sold in 2006, Hurley has ever since sought his "second act." This has become exceedingly elusive to Hurley.


Ouch. Hurley is being sued for breach of written contract, fraud by way of false promise and unjust enrichment. Grabbing popcorn!

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