A compilation of distasteful Ray and Janay Rice costumes
Twitter screenshot

Ray and Janay Rice’s domestic issues have emerged as this year’s go-to Halloween-costume theme for people who feel the need to mock domestic violence. Not only have several of these costumes popped up online, but a lot of them feature white people in blackface. If you had to pick the lesser of two evils, you’d probably be hard-pressed to make a choice.

Last week Janay Rice spoke out against the costumes on Twitter, stating that “it's sad, that my suffering amuses others,” after the first photo of a man dressed up as Ray Rice and dragging a black blow-up doll went viral.


But  in the Rice household, it seems as though the family that prays together stays together. According to TMZ, friends and relatives state that the couple, who have immersed themselves in church, are praying for those people who have mocked them. Sources close to the family also told TMZ that Ray and Janay have a commitment to maintain their family and rebuild it, regardless of what outsiders think.

As many people parade around in their misogynistic, racist and pro-domestic-violence costumes this Halloween, you have to wonder what, exactly, is so funny about any of those elements.