Troy Ave

Rapper Troy Ave has been arrested and charged with multiple counts stemming from the shoot-out that occurred Wednesday night at T.I’s New York City concert. The concert, which was held at Irving Plaza, was going fine until gunfire occurred backstage in one of the VIP rooms.

By the time the craziness was over, one person was left dead and four others were injured, including Troy Ave. In surveillance video released Thursday, authorities say that Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, can be seen firing off rounds.


The rapper was arrested after being treated for a bullet wound and was charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Further charges could be lodged once ballistic tests are completed.


Ronald McPhatter, the man killed in the gunfire, was Troy’s bodyguard and friend.


“Right now I probably am trying to figure out what happened and why. You know, I want answers,” McPhatter’s mother, Rose, said.
“My son jumped in to assist Troy,” she said. “He was very protective. He was very protective of his family.”

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