Rapper GameOva Reedy, Creator of the Viral For the D Challenge, Arrested for Alleged Child Desertion [Updated]

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Photo: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office

27-year-old New Orleans rapper artist GameOva Reedy, most popular for creating the viral “#For-The-D-Challenge,” was arrested in Louisiana April 23 after allegedly deserting her 5-year-old.


According to a local CBS News affiliate, sheriff’s deputies reported that a woman, later identified as Reiona “GameOva Reedy” Oliver, put her child in a car service, telling the driver she would not be accompanying the minor, and ordered the car to transport the child to school. The Advocate reports that when the driver told Oliver he could not take the child without a supervising adult present, she allegedly went inside her home and refused to come out.

Instead of going to the school, the driver took the child to the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Department. Deputies later arrested Reedy at her home.


According to WWL-TV, Oliver took to Instagram on an account believed to be hers to plead her case. In the video, which has since been deleted, the local news site describes Oliver as saying she called for the ride share because of an apparent illness, claiming she was told that putting a child in a car alone was permissible.

The musician now faces misdemeanor charges that could lead to as much as six months behind bars.

Updated: 6/25/19, 2:23 p.m.: This story has been rewritten to remove unattributed text.

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I’m a lyft driver and I turn down any and all minor children requesting rides unaccompanied by an adult:

1. It breaks terms of service and I could lose my “job”

2. It’s dangerous; I don’t know your child and your child doesn’t know me. Why would you put your kid in the car with a stranger?

3. Lyft insurance and supplemental rideshare insurance don’t cover unaccompanied minors, because they’re not allowed to be in that car anyways. So, god forbid, we end up in an accident, it could be very bad for both me the driver, and your child as well.

4. All of this could have been solved by simply riding with her child in the Lyft car, then returning home.

She put that driver in a real conundrum; and tbh I’m not sure what I would have done if someone had done the same to me.