Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2015 in New York City; rapper B.o.B in 2011 in Los Angeles
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Over the last three days, either rapper B.o.B was really bored or he was smoking something interesting. Because this dude really, sincerely thinks the Earth is flat. B.o.B is a flat-Earth truther. People tried to convince him otherwise during his Twitter rant, but he wouldn’t let go of his side of the Earth, I mean reasoning. He was literally dangling from the side of the Earth, trying to grasp at straws and explain why the Earth is flat.


But of course, unlike B.o.B, most of the people in the world weren’t sitting in their third-grade science classes scribbling with crayons and ripping pages out of the book (because that’s the only obvious explanation for how B.o.B spent his time in class). There were those people like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who actually learned a few things about science.

Thank God for Tyson and the fact that he tried to reason with B.o.B.

But noooo. B.o.B wasn’t having it. So what does he do? He drops a diss track attacking Tyson. Because these are the days we’re living in, people. Bizarre days.

In B.o.B’s track “Flatline,” he continued to try to convince himself and the world, that yes, it is really, really, flat.


Tyson heard the diss track and was like, “Nah, I’m a scientist, I don’t drop diss tracks. But I know someone who does.”

Enter the rapper who goes by the name of Mr. Tyson. Yes, the scientist has a nephew who is a rapper. Plot twist! So Mr. Tyson dropped “Flat to Fact.” Basically, B.o.B not only caught a huge “L” but was also caught up on science he missed in the third grade.


Who needs a 50-vs.-Meek-Mill beef when you have a rapper-vs.-the-smartest-damn-scientist-in-the-world beef?

These are the days we’re living in. Embrace it. Or be embarrassed for B.o.B. And if you’re like B.o.B and actually think the Earth is flat, gather up the rapper and see how long it’ll take for you to get to the edge of it. But a word of advice: Don’t tell your friends or family; they’ll look at you weird.

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