Rap Legend Prodigy From Mobb Deep Dead at 42


Just days after performing on tour in Las Vegas, Prodigy from the rap group Mobb Deep has died at the age of 42.


Prodigy, born Albert Johnson, was raised in the Queensbridge Houses of New York City’s borough of Queens and came from a long line of musicians. His grandfather Budd Johnson and great-uncle Keg Johnson were known for their contributions to jazz’s bebop era, and his mother, Fatima Johnson, was a member of the Crystals.

Prodigy teamed up with Havoc to form Mobb Deep, becoming one of hard-core East Coast hip-hop’s most acclaimed groups. With hits like “Quiet Storm” and “Shook Ones,” Mobb Deep cemented itself in an era of hip-hop that many of us still miss.

Nas was the first to break the news about his close friend’s death:

Prodigy had been public about his battle with sickle cell anemia, but according to TMZ, his cause of death is unknown.

To all the killas and hundred dolla billas, may the hip-hop legend rest in peace.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).


Vanguard Knight

Sickle Cell is such a bitch. One of my good friends has it, and its maddening how he can be healthy for quite a while, then suddently be in critical condition in the hospital fighting for his life.

Thankfully its a single gene disease so a cure is on the horizon via Crispr.