No one ever said racists were smart. No one ever said that people on the Internet were dumb. But what happens when you combine dumb racists with smart Internet people? You get Racists Getting Fired, the newest Tumblr page keeping track of racists and informing their employers just how racist they are.

Here’s just one example of a truck driver “going off” after the Ferguson, Mo., decision:


The information the Twitter user listed helped people track him down and inform his employer of his actions online. Of course, after he was suspended without pay, he tweeted that he was “very sorry.”

Is this site a good idea? Possibly. But of course nothing is foolproof. With access to the Internet comes great responsibility. You can’t always be sure that someone isn’t being impersonated online by some jilted ex-lover seeking revenge. Or even by a co-worker trying to get another co-worker fired.


So far all the people exposed by Racists Getting Fired have deleted their online profiles, including the truck driver, so one can only assume that there was some truth to the accusations.

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