Rachel Dolezal Is Headlining a Natural-Hair Rally in Dallas

Promotion for natural-hair rally featuring Rachel Dolezal
Promotion for natural-hair rally featuring Rachel Dolezal

Dallas natural-hair stylist and braider extraordinaire Isis Brantley is under fire about what some people are calling a marketing ploy for her upcoming “Naturally Isis Braid on Economic Liberty March and Rally” in Dallas this weekend.

Brantley, who basically changed the legal aspects of hair braiding in Texas, says she did not know about the  past of the event's headliner, Rachel Dolezal, when she signed her onto the rally. But some are calling foul, citing Brantley's Facebook posts dating back to last year about Dolezal.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, both Dolezal and Brantley spoke about the controversy regarding having a white woman, who lied about being black, speak at a natural-hair rally.


“I’m not coming as a curiosity or for any controversy,” said Dolezal. “My intention is to support Isis and the braid-freedom movement in whatever way it will be most helpful. I don’t want to be a liability for anyone. It’s a justice issue, and I’ve been a social-justice activist for years. It’s really that simple.”

Brantley told the Daily Beast that she received threats and boycotts because of Dolezal's reputation.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Brantley said. “People threatened to boycott me. They are calling me a sellout and saying that I am ‘Massa’s girl’ or some mess like that. I just stopped looking and blocked everybody.”

Here's the thing that confuses me.

Dolezal doesn't have any edges. So her natural-hair abilities are suspect.

Why would anyone who claims to know about healthy hair want Dolezal doling out advice when she doesn't seem to be able to properly maintain her edges?


Edges are important to black women. Maybe they're not important to white women?

Just because you can slap some braids or a kinky weave on your head doesn't mean you're an expert in giving advice about black hair. I'm sorry, if I see anyone missing edges, that person's not going to give me advice or touch my hair.


Maybe Brantley was attempting to make a statement with Dolezal, but it was a poor attempt. Brantley's continual act of "not knowing" isn't flying with her fans, or those women who question Dolezal's actual knowledge of black hair.

Dallas activist Olinka Green says she has a few questions that need answers.

“Sisters are hotter than a straightening comb in a beauty shop full of women on the day before Easter,” Green told the Daily Beast.


“Can she touch scalps and instantly get rid of alopecia?” Green asked regarding Dolezal. “Can she restore growth? Does she have the Midas touch? Apparently she does, because she went from being pale white to golden brown."

Maybe Dolezal also has the green Midas touch? And Brantley saw this as an opportunity to bring in more money for the rally?


Also, edges. Dolezal doesn't have any. Be leery of anyone without them.

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