R. Kelly’s Attorney Accuses Lady Gaga of Exploiting His Current Controversy to Win an Oscar

Demonstrators gather near the studio of singer R. Kelly to call for a boycott of his music after allegations of sexual abuse against young girls were raised on the highly-rated Lifetime mini-series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ on January 09, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.
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The backlash against R. Kelly continues to grow in the wake of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, and the R&B singer, as well as his team, seem determined to keep up the appearance that nothing is wrong—despite things falling apart all around him.

Kelly was reportedly at a Chicago nightclub in the early morning hours on Thursday when someone called police to inform them that Kelly was there and had an outstanding warrant. Kelly was not arrested after he was found to have no outstanding warrants.


Meanwhile, at least two women have contacted Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office to report new accusations against the singer, according to WGN9.

On Wednesday, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg told WGN in an interview that no one in Chicago has come forward with accusations because Kelly did nothing illegal.

“There are no underage women, there is no sex cult, it’s all some reality TV made up story,” said Greenberg. “No one has ever seen any evidence of it. There are no photos of him with these women. There’s no anything.”

In a separate statement given exclusively to Access, Greenberg also condemned Lady Gaga for coming out and expressing regret for working with Kelly early on in her career.


“Mr. Kelly has not committed any crime. It is unfortunate the extent people want to put his past relationships under a microscope for their own personal gain. But no one complained when they were living the glamorous life as a rockstar groupie or girlfriend. There are no victims-there are only those now exploiting Mr. Kelly for their 15 minutes of TMZ fame,” Greenberg said.

“Mr. Kelly appreciates that she recognized his immense talent and collaborated with him to help her career, but finds it regrettable that she is now exploiting this controversy to try and help her in her effort to win an Oscar,” he added.


The six-hour series Surviving R. Kelly documented the sexual abuse allegations that have been lodged against the singer over the past two-and-a-half decades. Women have come forward to say Kelly traps his victims in a cult-like environment where they are not allowed to do things such as eat, use the restroom or bathe without his permission. Violating his rules can result in punishments that include being deprived of food for days in the house where all the women live.

There are currently no charges pending against Kelly, and he denies all the accusations made against him.

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