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A QVC host learned a hard lesson in social media when she made comments about a black model’s hair live, on air. Sandra Bennett and a spokeswoman for Dooney & Burke were discussing purses, but when the camera panned to the woman who was modeling the purse, they started talking about hair.

Bennett said, “You might look back and think, ‘Why’d I wear my hair like that?’ but you’ll still like your purse.” The spokeswoman said, “That’s right. You won’t look at your hair in the picture; you’ll look at your handbag.”

As the camera panned to the model, she didn’t make any comments, of course, but you’d have to wonder what was going through her head as she listened to the women discuss her hair negatively. Blogger L.A. Moore of Bougie Black Girl was the first to react to the comments, and reached out to Bennett on Twitter. Although Bennett deleted her tweets from the conversation, Moore saved everything with screenshots.


Bennett did post a long comment on her Facebook page:

Although Bennett is all “no harm, no foul,” many feel that the comments were just another slight against black women with natural hair. What do you think? Is it much ado about nothing? Or do you think the comments were an actual slight against the model’s natural hair?

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