Prince Michael Jackson Taken to Hospital After Motorcycle Accident

@Princejackson via Instagram
@Princejackson via Instagram

The older son of the King of Pop was rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital Thursday when his motorcycle decided to moonwalk down a slick street, causing a minor accident.

According to TMZ, Prince Michael Jackson was riding his beloved Harley Davidson in light rain when a puddle decided to shake the body of the 20-year-old down to the ground. He was shaken up enough that an ambulance was called, and Jackson went to a nearby hospital.


After he was examined, physicians found no broken bones and allowed him to leave the hospital, so he beat it. Jackson left, happy to have one more chance to attend classes at Loyola Marymount University, where he is a student. Photos posted by TMZ showed a few bruises from the dangerous thriller, but Jackson shook it off, reportedly not saying that it “was just another part of me.”

Fans had hoped the young college student would remember the time when he fell off his bike and choose an alternative form of transportation, but like his father, apparently, Prince Jackson can’t stop till he gets enough.

When asked about the experience, Jackson said it felt like “you’ve been hit by.. You’ve been hit by ...”

OK, that’s enough. Maybe I went too far.

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Maybe I went too far.

you’ve ben doing that as of late.