Prince Bought the Purple Rain House Before His Death

Home used in movie Purple Rain and purchased in 2015 by Prince prior to his death in 2016

To the naked eye of someone who isn't a die-hard Prince fan, the little white house on the market last year was a very nondescript house at first glance. But it had history.

Last summer the "fixer-upper" went up for sale, but what many people didn't realize was that it was the house used in the movie Purple Rain. The house was listed for a mere $110,000, and, of course, it was apropos that Prince snatched up the house to add to his collection of Minneapolis properties.


According to Hennepin-County, Minn., property records, the owner listed for the house is NPG Music Publishing, Prince's company.

In total, Prince owned over 200 acres and several properties in and around Chanhassen, Minn., and many of those places indicate that he was a generous person to his family, since they are where some of them lived.

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