Pose Sweeps the Out100—and Adds Some Major Melanin to the List

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Last week, Out Magazine announced the Out100, their annual list of influential movers and shakers, and this melanin-filled list showed that black people have always been part of what makes the LGBT+ community shine.

In a statement, Executive Editor R. Kurt Osenlund said that this is the most diverse Out100 in the 24-year history of the magazine’s portfolio. Nearly half of it is comprised of female or female identifying honorees, nearly half of it is comprised of people of color, and more than 30 honorees identify as trans or gender non-conforming.


The legendary and ever-glowing Billy Porter was named Out’s Performer of the Year. No, seriously; stop whatever it is you’re doing and look at this man just effortlessly give this cover and us everything that none of us deserve.


Can we touch the hem of Porter’s garment—or at very least pet this illustrious-ass fur coat?

Speaking of the well-moisturized Porter, a few other members of the Pose fam came in and collected their flowers on this year’s list. Joining Porter were cast mates Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, and Indya Moore.


The cast of Pose have collectively and continuously used their platforms to spread awareness and knowledge about the LGBT+ community. For example, in response to her honor this year, Indya Moore, a woman both of and for the people (and with a heart of gold), offered Pose series creator Steve Canals as her unofficial replacement on the Out100 list this year. As she said in a statement:

“Steven Canals has had to work rigorously for years to tell the story of a community based in his home. He is constantly fighting for visibility of his community and it’s only right that I stand up for his.”


Even with Canals as her unofficial replacement, Moore told The Root that she is still honored to be thought of as someone deserving of placement on a list among such “inspirational beings.”

Photo: Gregg DeGuire / Stringer (GETTY IMAGES)

Other black honorees on the Out100 list this year include:

For more details on each, you can peruse the list at your leisure, but what an array of black excellence, no?


Is it the rhythm in our hips? The talent that flows from our fingertips? Whatever it is, our brand of spice has been seasoning the melting pot of culture in the LGBT+ community for years, and it’s good that our people are finally getting recognized for continuously slaying the scene!

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