Want to be pleased? Join the club.

Or... you can join Cardi B and Bruno Mars who dropped the music video for their ultimate “got me in the mood” single, “Please Me.”


From the moment Cardi teased the single art on her Instagram, I knew this would be a hot one. The chemistry between the two artists was sizzling, even in a single frame. So, of course, that chemistry continued once you sped that shit up to 24 frames-per-second.

The video has that patented smooth Bruno Mars choreography and Cardi B’s bad bitchness. A perfect combo, just like the delicious food in their “Hot Hot Hot” late-night taqueria setting. Make it extra Spanish rice for me, please, thanks. And a large horchata.

Other than the obvious Jodeci vibes of the song, the music video for “Please Me” is drippin’ in even more finesse, with a heavy 90s vibe. I mean, get into Cardi’s beads. A lewk. Plus, the final images in the parking lot with the Caddys are so beautifully sexy.


And remember, kids: Your pussy basura; my pussy horchata.

A mantra.