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(The Root) — Don't you just love how your mom always tries to set you up with that nice, quiet girl from church, or how your best friend really thinks that you just should go out for coffee with that guy from her gym? Ever wish there was a way for the people in your life to interfere with your romantic affairs online? No? Too bad! It's going to happen anyway!

This morning, Mashable spread word of a new Facebook app designed to do just that, but hopefully in a less intrusive way. The app is called YouShouldTotallyMeet, and here's how it works: First, a friend really gets tired of your ex hanging around and decides to do something about it. Your friend then builds a profile for you using the YouShouldTotallyMeet app, essentially telling everyone why you're so awesome. Said friend then goes through his or her friends list and selects people that you should totally meet. Then it's up to fate to do the rest.


The appeal of this app is that it makes blind dating a little less blind with mutual friends to vouch for potential paramours. And if things don't go well, you have a record of friends to blame for putting you two together.

Interested? You can install the app here.

Read more at Mashable.

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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