Piers Morgan Tweets ‘All Lives Matter’ and Gets Into It With Black Twitter

Piers Morgan
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 
Piers Morgan
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Yep, we’re here again.

People are questioning the premise behind the “Black Lives Matter” phrase, arguing that it’s divisive and suggests a superiority and that “All Lives Matter” is more appropriate.

They refuse to understand the unique set of challenges that black people face in being subjected to excessive police force, and the necessity of a separate social-justice movement to bring attention to that crisis.

The latest perpetrator of the “All Lives Matter” nonsense is former CNN anchor Piers Morgan, who moseyed his way into a beef Tuesday with black Twitter. Morgan responded to a tweet posted by Marc Lamont Hill, a media pundit and Morehouse College professor.



Hill did a good job articulating the problem with the “All Lives Matter” retort, so we’ll just post the blow-by-blow of his Twitter exchange with Morgan here. 


And black Twitter picked up where Hill left off. 



I think everyone gave Morgan a lot to think about. 

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