Philanthropic Queen Nicki Minaj Has Given Scholarships to 37 of Her Biggest Fans And They Are Just As Shook As We Are

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 16: Nicki Minaj poses backstage during the Meadows Music and Arts Festival - Day 2 at Citi Field on September 16, 2017 in New York City.
Photo: Rebecca Smeyne (Getty Images)

It is no secret that Onika Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj, is a big fan of the education. She is often seen tweeting and telling her fans to make sure they stay in school. And since last year she has upped the ante, putting her money where her mouth is and helping her student-fans pay their tuition and loans.


The boss act of kindness actually developed into something bigger and the rapper launched a scholarship program to help her fans in need.

On Friday, the star announced her 37 “Student of the Game” scholarship awardees, promising to pay off their entire college tuition or their student loans. Needless to say, the fans were shook, with several of them tweeting back their gratitude.


I could keep going, there are 37 of them, but you get the point. Not only is Nicki dropping music, showing up on magazine covers and just generally doing her thing, she is literally out here changing the lives of ordinary people with a single @.

So hey girl, Nicki, how about you @ ya girl next?

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