Michael Phelps staring at rival Chad le Clos during Rio de Janeiro Olympic competition

If looks could kill, Michael Phelps' Olympic swimming rival would be dead three times over. Phelps' evil stare at Chad le Clos has gone viral. The stare occurred Monday night while Phelps was waiting for his race with le Clos. But while Phelps was staring, le Clos seemed to be making light of his serious glare.

Of course, the internet couldn't wait to get its hands on Phelps' stare.


Phelps had every reason to give the deadly stare to le Clos. In 2012 le Clos defeated Phelps in the same event and took home the gold.


During Monday's semifinal, Hungarian Tamás Kenderesi came in first, Phelps second and le Clos third.

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