(L-R): Pharrell Williams attends “The Lion King” European Premiere on July 14, 2019, in London; Rihanna speaks onstage at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23, 2019, in Los Angeles.
Photo: Chris Jackson (Getty Images), Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Rihanna’s upcoming album may have Pharrell Williams’ magic touch.

According to Billboard, the 46-year-old super-producer recently hinted that he will be adding his sauce to the 31-year-old artist’s long-awaited album, which has the working title, R9. The album is reported to be heavily reggae-influenced.


“They ain’t ready,” he wrote under Rih’s meme, followed by a comment with a globe emoji, which I can only assume is a hint that they will take over the world along with Pinky and the Brain.

Of course, these two aren’t strangers in music as they most recently worked together on N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” in 2017 from the group’s No One Ever Really Dies album, where Rihanna provided everyone’s favorite verse. You know what is strange? Some of The Navy’s disgust and suspicion at the possibility of Pharrell adding his finesse to the upcoming album.


I’m sorry, are we disrespecting Skateboard P’s name? Like he didn’t bless the world with the Neptunes sound?! Kids, I swear.


Much like the aforementioned meme, Rihanna continues to tease the release date of the album, cryptically confirming it will drop sometime in 2019. Of course, that could mean Rih drops the album right as we’re counting down to 2020 at some random bar with newly inflated-drink-prices in the city.

“Here, damn,” Rih would tweet as she sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes from her 1,000 thread-count, unicorn-hair sheeted bed.

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