Petition Created Calling for TMZ to Remove Its ‘Crack Mayor’ Headline

TMZ Screenshot
TMZ Screenshot

TMZ is not known for its journalistic integrity and typically shoots for the jugular when creating its headlines. Dealing with Sunday’s death of former Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry was no different.


TMZ’s “Crack Mayor” heading not only upset people online but also spearheaded a petition to have the headline removed.

“We want his legacy to be honored the right way,” the petition reads. “Show respect to his family, friends and supporters.”

So far the petition has more than 15,000 supporters, and those on social media shared their issues with TMZ as well.

Although it’s wishful thinking to expect TMZ to change the headline, I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath, especially from a site that deals with sensationalism. As a matter of fact, TMZ’s Twitter account made a second tweet using the same headline late Sunday night.