People Were Offended by Bomani Jones’ ‘Caucasians’ T-Shirt

Bomani Jones

ESPN’s Bomani Jones has social media riled up over a T-shirt he wore while co-hosting ESPN’s Mike & Mike in place of Mike Golic.

Jones’ T-shirt, which was created by Shelf Life Clothing almost 10 years ago, features the slogan “Caucasians” instead of “Indians,” with a photo of a white person instead of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo. Just as in the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins’ name, the Indians’ mascot has been the focus of cries of racism.


And speaking of crying, many tears were spilled on social media because some people found Jones’ shirt offensive (ahem … bet you they weren’t Native Americans).

Jones said he wore the T-shirt because there’s no reason the team should be using Chief Wahoo as a mascot. When people tweeted him about the T-shirt, Jones handled it the only way he could—with his own brand of sarcasm.

I'm pretty sure these T-shirts are selling like hotcakes now.

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