People Are Mad at Rita Ora for Lip-Syncing That Song We've Definitely All Heard Before

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Rita Ora, who is definitely a singer who sings songs, like with a microphone and everything, preformed as a part of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

While shown performing her single “Let You Love Me,” a song everyone totally knew existed before she began to perform it on national television, Ora could be seen lagging behind her vocals, revealing that the singer had decided to lip-sync her performance. In full view of thew gathered crowd and viewers worldwide, Ora lost pace with her lyrics, and could be seen reciting lyrics with a three-to-four bar delay.

People who watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade but also somehow aren’t your grandmother sounded off:


While I doubt Justin’s last tweet is correct, (who, after all, has seen peak Ora?) the error was blatant, likely some innocent miscue between folks on the ground and folks in NBC’s television control room. John Legend came to her defense, reminding viewers that most performers pantomime to avoid singing in the bitter November cold.

After she caught wind of the controversy, Ora let her fans, of which there are multitudes, know where she stood.


When reached for comment, my mom (no shit) said:

“That wasn’t Rihanna singing that song?”

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Wait, I thought this was the one thing everyone knew was lip-synched.  With the weather and logistics, singers basically have to lip-synch at this parade.  I mean, we can criticize how good or bad they were able to lip-synch, but I hope to god in the year of our Lord 2018 no one thinks that these singers sing live on while moving with temps below freezing.