People Are Freaking Out Over a Photo of Supersized Kanye West

Black Twitter lost its collective mind yesterday when photos of a plus-size Kanye West surfaced, forcing what could either be called “fat-shaming” or a savage roasting session, depending on which side of the aisle you sit.


On Friday, paparazzi photographers spotted Yeezy out sporting a new husky look.


As soon as the pics hit social media, Black Twitter went to DEFCON 5, sending the internet into a frenzy not seen since Michael Jordan cried or Martin Baker innocently answered his phone at a rally for Darren Wilson and launched himself into the social media Hall of Fame.

Even though the Kanye workout plan apparently doesn’t work, the internet is not known for its kindhearted softness. The social media savages wasted no time in mining every reference from the College Dropout rapper, while some used it to point out the hypocrisy in the social media criticism.


Perhaps Kanye shopping in the big-and-tall section illustrates a perfect example of something our fearless leader said a few weeks ago: While we support neither fat-shaming nor taking jokes too seriously, we will just say there were bad people on many sides. On many sides.

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Please do not make fun of him (or others). I’m a psychiatrist, and rapid and extreme weight gain is a side effect of some of the best medications we have fore mood.