Patti LaBelle confronts a fan who tried to strip during her performance in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 18, 2015.
YouTube screenshot

Patti LaBelle isn’t one to mess with when it comes to her live shows. And one fan surely got more than he expected when he tried to pull a fast one onstage.

On Friday night, LaBelle was performing at the Hard Rock Casino in the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and during “Lady Marmalade,” the forever-a-diva singer invited people onstage to dance with her. But it was obvious that one person didn’t have any home training. One of the men invited onstage decided it was time to do a little striptease. And when he went to unbutton his shirt, LaBelle hit the fan.

“Don’t you dare, not on my stage,” she commanded, adding, “I am 71 years young. I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh, Miley.”

The fan must have thought she was playing around, but as he tooted his butt out to her, it just made LaBelle angrier.


“Get off of my goddarn stage, bitch,” LaBelle yelled as the man was escorted off the stage. “And stay off. Put him out of the building. Put him out! How dare you!”

LaBelle did apologize to the crowd about her crass language, but she brushed it off as a result of her sign and the devil.

“I need somebody [to] bring some peace up in here,” continued LaBelle. You know the devil was busy. The devil was here about 20 minutes ago. I saw it. I tried to block it. I’m so sorry you heard me say a bad word. I’m a Gemini, and things come out of my mouth sometimes.”


But she did remind people of one thing.

“Don’t ever come in my face again,” she said.