James Wright Chanel and Patti LaBelle
Courtesy of Cooking Channel

You can call it a match made in Patti-pie heaven, because James Wright Chanel, the viral Patti-pie star, is now teaming up with the legendary diva herself for a holiday cooking show. 

Patti LaBelle, who is now referring to Chanel as her new son, announced their cooking show to People magazine.


LaBelle spoke about their first meeting on the set of the cooking show. “It was his first time seeing me, so when he came into the kitchen, he saw me and my back was turned. He came up behind me and he had on these beautiful leopard pants and a necklace,” the singer said. “We just had a love moment.”

LaBelle went on to describe Chanel’s personality, which isn’t far off from her own: “He’s such a larger-than-life person himself; he’s like my new son. It’s just a blessing when people come into your life like this and you’re not expecting anything.”

Chanel’s viral-video review of LaBelle’s sweet potato pie was the main reason the pies started flying off the shelves. Chanel said it seems as though he and LaBelle have been friends all their lives.

“When she first called, it was like we’d known each other forever; we talked like we were best friends,” Chanel told People. “I told her, ‘I have to tell my mom that Patti is my new momma too.’ I said, ‘Patti, you my momma!’” Chanel exclaimed.


LaBelle said to expect tons of food on the Cooking Channel show, especially sweet potato pies. And apparently Chanel is a pretty good chef himself.

“He’s a great sous chef, I found out,” LaBelle said.

The cooking show airs on Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 8:30 p.m. EST on the Cooking Channel.

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