Lily as Toni Morrison            
Marc Bushelle Photography

Although Black History Month ended last month, for one family, Black History Month is an everyday celebration.

Janine Harper and her husband, Marc Bushelle, wanted to teach their daughter Lily about black history but also wanted to make it a fun experience. So they thought, “Why not do it and play dress-up at the same time?” Bushelle, a photographer, transformed Lily into some of the most iconic women celebrated during Black History Month as well as Women’s History Month.


In an interview with NPR, the couple said they got the idea after seeing photos in which a mother dressed up her daughter as white heroines including Amelia Earhart and Susan B. Anthony. With their unique spin, the couple picked Toni Morrison, Grace Jones, Mae Jemison, Josephine Baker and Bessie Coleman for Lily to emulate.

Take a look at a couple of Lily’s photos:

To see more images of Lily, check out Marc Bushelle’s Facebook page.

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