Outrage, Condolences After Santa Monica College Shooting

Tracy Clayton
Students Waiting Outside Santa Monica College Grounds (Joe Klamar/Getty Images)

The death toll currently stands at five after a shooting spree at Santa Monica College in California

The campus was put on lockdown Friday night after shots were fired in a classroom. The rampage reportedly began, however, at a Santa Monica residence and ended on the campus, with the gunman randomly firing at people along the way.


Folks on Twitter expressed their outrage and condolences.

White male slaughters 5 persons in Santa Monica but it's not "terrorism". Tragic. huff.to/1be31j6

— Dawud Walid (@DawudWalid) June 8, 2013


Peace and love to Santa Monica College. Smh

— FobMarley (@Chow_Mayyne05) June 8, 2013

still appalled over that santa monica college shooting …folks need jesus

— Ke'ir (@SAe_Workaholic) June 8, 2013

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