Osundairo Brothers Planned to Admit Jussie Smollett's Alleged Homophobic Attack Was Staged—Until They Didn't

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The Osundairo Brothers—who reportedly don’t own shirts and are best known as the guys caught on tape purchasing ski masks and MAGA hats prior to Jussie Smollett’s alleged homophobic assault—want you to know that their new name is Bennett, cause they ain’t in it.


In the aftermath of the alleged homophobic assault that wasor wasn’t—the dynamic duo has opted to lay low and refrain from their original plan to publicly concede that yes, the entire fiasco was staged. Coincidentally, as a result of their decision to do so, their lawyer has stepped down, according to TMZ.

Because fuck this shit.

Moments after Jussie was cleared by the State’s Attorney, the lawyer for Abel and Ola urged them to make a public statement, standing by their claim Jussie faked the “attack.” We’re told they refused, and ultimately their lawyer, Gloria Schmidt, bailed on them, saying she didn’t want to rep them anymore.

The question ... why would Abel and Ola go radio silent, especially because Jussie essentially pointed the finger right back at them, saying he never lied and the “attack” was real? The police, prosecutors and even the 2 brothers say they were the ones in the street with Jussie ... but everyone other than the actor says it was a hoax.


With the case sealed, we’ll never quite know what the hell happened. But with all 16 felony charges the “Empire” star was facing dropped and his record expunged, prayerfully this will be the last we hear about this.

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Babylon System

It’s so funny to see the police rage about a black man getting off for lying, when they get off for murdering unarmed black men everyday.

The “justice system” gives white people lighter sentences every, single, day, while blacks get the book thrown at them and they are raging because one black man got away?

Also, fuck Rahm Emanuel and his fake outrage!