Only Anthony Hamilton, K-Ci and the Hamiltones Could Make Pig Intestines Sound Appetizing


I haven’t had chitlins and rice since I was about 5 years old. I vividly remember the smell and taste, and after that experience, I vowed never to touch them again. But after hearing Anthony Hamilton, K-Ci from Jodeci and the Hamiltones singing about the Southern delicacy, let’s just say it’s been a chitlin-and-rice-singing morning.


So while you’re at work today, sing about chitlins and rice to your co-workers, and explain to them what chitlins are afterward.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Yeah...nah. I grew up with a good number of family members being chitlin eating fools. I have had more than my fair share and to be honest its not that bad as far as taste goes. Problem is when you get that big bucket of pig guts and start cleaning them, before cooking your entire house takes on the distinct smell of shit. Because that’s what raw chitlins smell like, they smell like shit.

Fun story. One thanksgiving my mom was bought some chitlins and they were sitting on the floor in the bucket waiting to be cleaned. I came in the house unaware that big old bucket of guts was sitting on the floor, close to an air duct. So I come around the corner and into the kitchen and kick the damn bucket over. Fortunately the top held, but a good amount of the foul liquid went right into the duct. House smelled like chitlins for a month. My mom was so mad, I know she wanted to beat me, but she didnt. But she really wanted to.