One Woman's Twitter Story About How She Put a White Coworker in His Place Goes Viral

Tora Shae

Twitter stories are the newest thing to hit social media. From Zola's story, to one woman being trapped in the closet, people have been recounting their most humorous and even lesson-learning stories on social media and going viral in the process.

Meet Tora Shae. She had a story to tell, and of course there's not better place to tell it than Twitter. Tora's Twitter story tells the tale of having a white coworker who refused to pronounce her name correctly. Even after she repeatedly corrected him.


This sort of thing isn't uncommon in the workplace, especially when you're black and have what people may consider an 'ethnic' name. No matter how many times you try to correct people, they continue to screw up your name.

Take a look at how Tora handled her situation.

Let's just give Tora a round of applause for putting her coworker in his place. Ain't nothing petty about that.

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