Snoop Dogg attends an HBO Game of Thrones Presents: Snoop Dogg Catch the Throne event at SXSW on March 20, 2015, in Austin, Texas.
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for HBO Game of Thrones

I can’t help wondering what exactly Snoop Dogg was smoking during his recent interview with the New York Post. Or what he smokes while watching Game of Thrones, a fictional television series. Because according to the rapper, the series is based on history.

During the Post interview, about Snoop’s upcoming album, Hardeep Phull asked Snoop about his contributions to the Game of Thrones mixtape and whether he was a  fan of the HBO series.

“Most definitely. When they asked me to do the track, I was more than honored because I’m truly a fan of the show. I would have done it for free, but they gave me some money on top of it, so I was like, ‘[F —k] it, let’s do it!’ I watch it for historic reasons, to try to understand what this world was based on before I got here. I like to know how we got from there, to here, and the similarities between then and now,” the rapper stated.

This was probably Phull’s face on the other end of the phone interview:


“Um, OK. So what parallels have you drawn between this fictional TV show and the modern world?” Phull asked.

Clearly that “Um, OK” was him being confused.

Of course, Snoop gave an enlightened answer.

“That kings still rule and a bitch [f —ked] everything up, in every situation!” he replied.


You see, this is coming from the man who wants to boycott Roots. I think I’m going to boycott listening to anything he ever has to say again.