Okla. State University Student Apologizes for Blackface Photo


Less than a week after a group of Oklahoma State University students came under fire for posing in blackface on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, yet another student at the school got caught on social media in blackface.


Kandice Burgess posted a photo on Snapchat with the caption, “When he says he only likes black girls.”

But unlike the girls from last week, Burgess had enough sense to apologize for her stupidity, and offered to step down from her position at the Eastin Center for Talent Development at the university’s Spears School of Business.


“I am deeply sorry for those that I have offended,” Burgess wrote on Facebook. “My intentions were not at all to be racist. For anyone who knows me, you know I am not racist. I had no idea about the incident with the other two girls and their face masks. That is just unfortunate timing. As for the Business school, first thing tomorrow morning, I will resign. I don’t want people to think that that is what the Eastin Center and Career Services is about. They have the best of intentions and want to motivate everyone.”

As far as the university goes, according to OColly.com, Gary Shutt, director of OSU communications, said the school is preparing “educational steps” for the MLK blackface students.

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Anybody that knows her, knows she’s a racist. They are okay with that and are probably racist too. Her apology was to salvage her job prospects.