O.J. Simpson’s Sister Says There’s No Reason Why He Shouldn’t Be Paroled

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O.J. Simpson is gearing up for a July 20 parole hearing, and his sister Shirley Baker says there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be paroled.


Simpson has been spending the last 10 years in a Nevada jail after being convicted in 2008 for the armed robbery and kidnapping of two sports-memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson claimed during the trial that he was the rightful owner of the articles he was trying to retrieve, and that he didn’t know the other men he was with were carrying weapons. He was sentenced to up to 33 years in jail.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Baker spoke about her brother’s time in jail.


“There’s no reason why not,” Baker told the show regarding the possibility of parole.

“He’s there, he’s doing his time, he abided by the rules,” she said. “And I just hope and pray that they will give him parole.”

Baker said she visits Simpson four times a year but talks to him weekly. Baker went on to say that Simpson has been working in the gym by cleaning and keeping track of the equipment, and is respected by the other inmates.

If all things goes well for Simpson during his parole hearing, he could be out of jail by October.

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This wasn’t kidnapping and armed robbery. This was Fred, Grady and Skillet going to get Fred’s stuff back.