O.J. Simpson’s Parole Is Not in Jeopardy Because He Let Loose the Juice in His Prison Cell

Steve Marcus-Pool/Getty Images
Steve Marcus-Pool/Getty Images

A rumor spread across the internet and social media Wednesday that O.J. Simpson could miss out on the possibility of parole because he had been caught by a female corrections officer masturbating in his cell. People were amused by the fact that something as seemingly innocuous as relieving his sexual urges into a sock (or a tissue or a towel or whatever) could cause O.J. to have to remain in prison.


Originally reported by the Daily Mail, the rumor was repeated by other outlets including the New York Post, Death and Taxes and Perez Hilton.

TMZ refuted the rumor, reporting that an official statement from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada indicates the following: “It is against Nevada Department of Corrections policy to release inmate disciplinary history to the public. It is also against policy to release inaccurate information. No official from our department would have released the information in question.”


According to TMZ’s sources, masturbating is not against the rules in the prison as long as you keep it to yourself, but a Vice report from earlier this year says that the Federal Bureau of Prisons bans “public masturbation,” along with any other type of sexual behavior in U.S. prisons, “to keep inmates and staff safe, since masturbation can be intimidating, offensive or serve as a precursor to sexual assault or fights.”

So, just to recap, the Juice did not let loose his juice, and the parole board may still, in fact, let loose the Juice.

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