Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback Puts ‘All Lives Matter’ Troll on Blast

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones
Sarah Glenn/Getty Images
Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones
Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

One has to wonder what the exact issue is that some white people have with Black Lives Matter. But one doesn’t have to wonder long enough to figure out that most of the time their racist slips are showing. Then there are the black people who also want to spout, “All lives matter”; they’re definitely a special bunch all their own.

One thing you don’t want to do is get caught out on these Internet streets and run up on the wrong person and let him know all about how much “All lives matter.” Because you never know the response you’re going to get. One troll on Twitter definitely got his or her eyeful from an Ohio State football player.

Cardale Jones isn’t one to filter himself on social media, and an Ohio fan learned that real fast today. Former Twitter user @DGus1228 (former because the user has now deleted the account) didn’t appreciate the following tweets from Jones:



@DGus1228 fired back, stating, “Worry about getting us fans another championship. Stay outta this [bulls—t].”

Jones kicked back the ultimate response:


Although he was replying to a different account masquerading as the original, his point was eloquently made.

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