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Louis Boria began knitting because of a dream—literally. Ten years ago, the Brooklyn, N.Y., man says, he woke up one morning with his arms extended, his fingers working the air as if he were holding knitting needles in his hands.

According to the New York Daily News, Boria took it as a sign; not long after, he picked up supplies and a beginner’s knitting book and got to work.


Now, thanks to a social media boost from singer Frenchie Davis, Boria’s dream has taken off.

Boria, who regularly spends his two-hour subway commute knitting and perfecting his craft, was lifted out of anonymity when Davis snapped a photo of Boria knitting on Nov. 21.

In Davis’ photo, Boria is sitting in a subway car, his head down, focused intently on the scarf he’s knitting. “This brotha on the train is my hero today....#SelfCareOnTheSubway” Davis captioned the photo.

The post took off—and thanks to a friend who spotted the photo and posted Boria’s name, so did Boria’s business, Brooklyn Boy Knits, which he started in 2009.


“For the first time in 10 years, I have pending orders,” Boria told the Daily News.


Boria, who has worked by himself until now, says that during the winter, he gives out at least three scarves a day to homeless New Yorkers while on his way to work. According to the Daily News, he also donated some of his pieces to a silent auction that raised funds for Puerto Rico disaster relief following this summer’s catastrophic hurricanes.

Now Boria has so many orders, he needs to hire two more knitters and update his website. He admits that the newfound attention and demand have him a bit scared, but Boria says he’s passionate about knitting and wants to “take a leap and pursue this opportunity.”


But before he fulfills the flood of new orders, Boria says, he has one very important gift he has to give: He’s sending Frenchie Davis the scarf he was knitting when she snapped his photo.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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