(The Root) — Photos of the late Trayvon Martin's body, broadcast during television coverage of the trial of the man accused of killing him, fell into the wrong hands and ended up on a slew of hateful Facebook pages.

A page entitled RIPTRAYTRA, containing memes of Trayvon's postmortem body photoshopped in various scenes and situations, surfaced. That page has been shut down, but two more have sprung up in its place, entitled RIPTRAYTRAY2 and RIP-Trayboon. (The Root has decided not to link out to them.)

Enraged at the electronic desecration of Trayvon's body, folks on Twitter have launched a campaign to get these pages shut down, too. This graphic via B. Scott shows you how to report the pages without having to scroll through the material on them.

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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.