Odell Beckham Jr. making a one-handed touchdown catch for the New York Giants Nov. 23, 2014

Although the New York Giants suffered a loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night, no one really cared because of Odell Beckham Jr.’s amazing one-handed touchdown catch.

According to NFL.com, Beckham finished the game with 10 catches, 146 yards and two touchdowns in the Giants’ loss. But Beckham’s one-handed catch, dubbed the “Catch of the Year” by NFL.com, caught the attention of not only football fans but also those on social media:


Throughout Sunday night, #thingsodellcouldcatch was a hot trending topic, and people definitely used their imaginations.

Imagine if Beckham could have prevented Jimmy from ending up in a wheelchair on DeGrassi


I’m not sure if Beckham could survive Mordor, though.


I doubt anything could save poor Bron-Bron’s hairline besides some Just for Men.


Beckham could be “Like Mike” and excel in two different sports and make baseball a little more exciting.



Speaking of “Like Mike,” imagine Beckham head-to-head with Jordan?


Beckham’s catch could be renamed the Super Saiyan.


No one’s sure how Odell plans to top that catch.