Octavia Spencer Criticizes Government’s Lack of Support for Public School Education

Octavia Spencer, who is currently starring in the movie Gifted, spoke out at the film’s premiere about the lack of support public school education is receiving from the current administration.


“With the restructuring of everything that we’ve fought so hard to build, with the stroke of a pen being wiped out with the current administration, the public school systems need as much support as they can possibly get,” Spencer said to the Associated Press in reference to the various budget cuts happening in public education.

Spencer, who was born and raised in Montgomery, Ala., says that she’s a product of public education, and emphasized the fact that teachers aren’t paid enough.


“They are the people who spend the majority of the time with your children every day. Don’t you want the best people with your children? That’s the question,” Spencer stated.

Well, we all know Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would answer that with a “no.”

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The amount teachers get paid to basically be teachers, social workers, counselors, career advisors, and a billion other things is insane. I do not understand the people who bemoan the lack of good education in the US and, at the same time, bitch and moan about how teachers should be grateful to be making $30,000 a year. Its a difficult and incredibly important job, and it deserves pay that reflects that.