YouTube Screenshot

A subway-brawl video was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend and has now gone viral. The video, captured on the F train in New York City, has sparked an investigation by police, according to the New York Daily News.

A woman and her group of friends can be seen in the video taunting a taller man and making fun of his clothing and shoes. When the woman doing the taunting notices a man capturing the incident on film, she smacks his cellphone out of his hand.  Eventually she starts to taunt the taller man again, until he hauls off and smacks her in the face. It was that smack that led to all hell breaking loose on the train.

One male passenger stepped in and confronted the taller man who slapped the woman, but he didn’t fare well against him and ended up getting beat up.

It’s interesting to read the responses from people on YouTube who defend the man in the video, saying that he had every right to hit the woman. And in typical fashion, there are the usual racist comments and generalizations being made about black women.

The video is yet another WorldStarHipHop-type incident. In fact, at one point a passenger yells ‚ÄúWorldStar‚ÄĚ into the camera, a shout-out to the site where violence is not only applauded but also laughed at.