NYC Man Receives Award for Not Being a Dick to a Pregnant Woman on the Train

@helloyvonnelin via Instagram

I detest the New York City subway system with all my heart. But this story actually put a smile on my face because one random guy did what a person is supposed to do: help a pregnant woman out by giving up a seat.

During Yvonne Lin’s first pregnancy, she figured she would hand out a nice card to any man who offered her a seat, but unfortunately no one earned the card. So during her second pregnancy, she decided to up the ante and went out and designed a statue to give out.


According to DNAinfo, it took eight months into her pregnancy for Lin to hand out her “Decent Dude” award. On Feb. 24 on the A train, Lin ran into Mr. Decent Dude.

“He looked up at me and looked super startled and embarrassed, and he immediately stood up and said, ‘Please take this seat; I just noticed,’” Lin told DNAinfo.


The anonymous man is a father of two, and smiled as Lin took his photo. Now, that’s a decent dude. Can we clone him?

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