Warner Bros.

NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records on Friday released Princeā€™s iconic Purple Rain album in new deluxe and deluxe-expanded edition formats. The release features a three-CD Purple Rain deluxe set that includes Princeā€™s 2015 remaster of the original tapes from the award-winning soundtrack.

The deluxe edition includes rarities like 1984ā€™s ā€œOur Destiny/Roadhouse Garden,ā€ the 1983 instrumental ā€œFatherā€™s Song,ā€ as well as songs that have been highly bootlegged and never released, including ā€œPossessedā€ā€”the ā€™83 Prince solo version, never heard before; ā€œElectric Intercourseā€; ā€œFatherā€™s Songā€ā€”written by Princeā€™s fatherā€”and which was previously just a minute-and-a-half snippet in the movie; ā€œWe Can Fuckā€; and ā€œKatrinaā€™s Paper Dolls.ā€

And for those Ć¼ber Prince fans, the Purple Rain deluxe-expanded edition includes B sides and comes with an additional DVD of a Prince concert held on March 30, 1985, at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.

To coincide with the release, Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minn., is hosting a screening of Purple Rain. Check the site for tickets. The deluxe-expanded edition can be purchased on Amazon.com.