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It’s with the heaviest of hearts and the deepest regrets that we inform you that Idris Elba, the man with whom you’ve established a long, committed and meaningful, if completely one-sided relationship, will not be playing James Bond.

Elba had teased the possibility last week on his social media accounts last week (you know how your man does, sometimes) when he tweeted a photo of himself with the caption, “My name is Elba, Idris Elba” on Aug. 12. Earlier that day, a Bond franchise producer said the “door is open” for a black James Bond.


As of Wedneday morning, that tweet had been liked at least 194,000 times, because your man is mad beloved like that.

But Elba, when asked directly whether he would be the next 007 at the premiere of his directorial debut, Yardie, simply responded “no,” according to the Independent.

For now, Daniel Craig and his abs will continue to play the iconic spy. But if you want to go out and support your boyfriend, you still have plenty of opportunity to do so. Yardie, a part revenge, part coming-of-age tale set in ‘70s Jamaica and ‘80s London, is set for a U.K. release this Friday. And you can always catch Elba, Teasing-Ass-Idris-Elba, on Luther, which returns to BBC later this year.

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