I remember the first time I heard the term “lice.” I was in the third grade and was warned by my grandmother: “Never borrow anyone’s comb or brush at school. You’re not bringing lice into this house.” Those words have stuck with me till this day; so imagine my shock and horror after reading about one man being pissed off at Delta Airlines for not allowing his lice-infested child to continue on a flight.


Since air-travel horror stories have been so popular over the last year or so, I quickly clicked Clay Travis’ link after seeing it pop up on my Twitter timeline. At first I assumed that the airline, once again, had dropped the ball and would be on the receiving end of some bad press. I couldn’t wait to read what happened to this man and his family.

But then I started to read. And then the horror set in. And then I started to itch. And then I said to myself, “Delta, thank you.”

“While he was standing in line for the bathroom, my six year old started to scratch his head. My wife checked to see why he was scratching his head and saw then that he had lice. Several flight attendants rushed over too and peered down at my son’s head. ‘Oh, my God, he has lice,’ they said,” Clay Travis wrote about his flight from Paris to Minneapolis.

After the flight attendants noticed the lice, Travis and his family were informed that they would not be allowed to take their flight from Minneapolis to their final destination. And the father was not too pleased.


Travis went on to describe the flight attendants as Nurse Ratchet and complained about being inconvenienced and having to have his child submit to medical examinations at the airport in Minneapolis. The Travises were then told that they had to leave the airport and seek treatment before they would be able to fly again.

What in the world makes this man think that other people on a plane or at an airport should be subjected to his child’s lice? So 200-plus people need to sit on a plane while possibly getting lice also? Yeah, that makes complete sense (/s).


While Clay was whining on Twitter about lice, there were those who politely told him to STFU:


What’s interesting is that Travis previously wrote about the experience Dr. David Dao had with United Airlines, in which Travis seemingly blamed Dao for getting dragged off the plane: “That’s why I find this doctor to be the true villain in this story. He doesn’t own his seat, he doesn’t have a legal right to dispute his eviction, airlines have the right to kick people off their planes and refund their money when they decide to do so at their discretion. You agree to that when you buy the ticket. If you don’t want to give up that right you can drive or walk instead.”


Well, Clay Travis, guess what? Your son owned those lice, and the rest of the world (flight) shouldn’t be subjected to them. I’m itching just typing this.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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