NJ Hotel Employee Says Usher Did End Up at the Hotel With Quantasia Sharpton: Report

Photo illustration by Yesha Callahan/The Root; photos via Instagram (Usher), TMZ screenshot (Quantasia Sharpton)

Last week, attorney Lisa Bloom held a news conference with a woman alleging that she had sex with Usher, but he didn’t disclose to her that he was infected with herpes. However, the moment Quantasia Sharpton appeared on-screen, jokes about her appearance and weight started rolling in.

“How dare Quantasia, a plus-size black woman, spout lies about having sex with the R&B star, because he would never have sex with an overweight woman,” were just a few of the sentiments expressed by fat-shamers everywhere.


But after seeing Sharpton dragged on social media, a hotel employee, according to TMZ, is confirming that on the night of Nov. 15, 2014, in Atlantic City, N.J., Usher, after his concert, did appear at the Days Inn where the employee works and was then escorted by Sharpton to her hotel room there.

The witness told TMZ that she even asked Usher for a photo but he declined and said he’d give her one after he returned to the lobby. However, after an hour, according to the witness, he never returned.

It’s pretty possible that Usher does have a certain “type” of woman he likes to keep behind closed doors and creep with. In an interview with Billboard, Bloom confirmed that all the women who have come forward concerning the singer are plus-size.


“I will say that all of the women who have called me have been big women, have been heavy-set, plus-sized women. I think the easiest thing for us to win in this case is that Usher enjoys big women,” Bloom said.

Enjoying them is one thing, but not telling women, of any type of size, that you’re infected with a sexually transmitted disease is a whole different ballgame.


“Many of his fans look like her. I don’t think that’s appropriate. But the biggest problem that he has is videos showing that he’s clearly into big girls. Final thought I would just say on that is, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and shame on him for trying to embarrass her because of her size. Her incident, by the way, was a couple of years ago, and she was slimmer than she is now. She’s had a baby in the interim,” Bloom continued.

Interestingly enough, since the alleged incident happened in New Jersey, in that state it’s a felony to expose anyone to an STD without their consent, whether they turn up positive for the disease or not.

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