Nina Simone’s Estate Claps Back at Zoe Saldana on Twitter

Zoe Saldana
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images for AWXII
Zoe Saldana
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images for AWXII

Nina Simone would probably roll over in her grave knowing that a movie about her life has been cloaked in facial prosthetics and Ben Nye theatrical stage makeup. 


For the last several days, there have been a plethora of think pieces about Zoe Saldana’s upcoming film, Nina. People were outraged after the movie’s poster was released and again when the trailer was released. And rightfully so.

Let’s face it—the movie looks like it will be a travesty. 

But, of course, Saldana knows what’s going on and realizes everyone is talking. Although she hasn’t given any recent interviews about the movie, she did kinda, sorta address it on Twitter by quoting Simone:

That didn’t sit well with a few people on social media, namely the Simone estate’s Twitter account (or the person running the account):

And this was pretty much everyone’s reaction after that:

I mean, can you blame the estate? 

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