Nigerians on Twitter Hilariously Recall Their Time in High School With #SecSchoolinNigeria

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
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Secondary school in Nigeria is roughly equivalent to seventh through 12th grades in the United States, and also equivalent to the fun times, first relationships, academic stresses and growing pains that have come to define those formative years in high school.

No one is exactly sure how it started, but as of press time, Nigerians have sent more than 100,000 tweets describing their time in secondary school using the hashtag #SecSchoolinNigeria.


We rounded up some of the best ones below, but here are a few things to keep in mind: A lot of secondary students board, and so you'll see tweets and memes that describe what it's like having to answer to one's superiors around the clock, both in the dormitory and in the classroom.

Also, seniority is huge in Nigeria (and most of Africa). And so, once you're the equivalent of a junior or a senior, then's the time to kick up your feet and boss the youngins around. Have a look at how people reminisced about their fondest memories:

Kudos to Nigerian Twitter for sharing stories about their experiences in such a fun and impactful way. 

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