Nicki Minaj Will Not Be Taking the Stand as a Witness for Her Brother at His Trial on Charges He Raped a Child: Report

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

It looks like Twitter might be able to stop dragging Nicki Minaj over reports that she planned to testify on her brother’s behalf at his trial on charges that he raped a child. Contrary to previous reports, it appears that the rapper will not make an appearance on the witness stand after all.

TMZ reports that although attorneys for her brother Jelani Maraj suggested during their opening argument that Minaj would be testifying on his behalf, sources have told the outlet that that absolutely will not happen.

Minaj reportedly never had any intention of testifying on her brother’s behalf, and his lawyers’ statements to media outlets that she was on their witness list were completely false, according to TMZ.


TMZ previously reported that Nicki Minaj planned to testify that the mother of the alleged victim tried to extort her for millions.

Maraj’s trial on charges that he raped his 11-year-old stepdaughter in 2015 started last week.


David Schwartz—an attorney for Maraj—told the jury that Maraj’s ex-wife, Jacqueline Robinson, forced her children to lie to police in an attempt to extort his sister for $25 million.

Schwartz alleged that Robinson told Minaj, “I can make the charges go away for $25 million.”


Schwartz also alleged that Robinson only married Maraj as a way of getting to the rap star in order to extort her.

Sounds like a lot of drama and lies, to be honest.

The only facts that remain are simple: Maraj is accused of raping an 11-year-old, the victim’s younger brother has testified that he saw it happen, and now it looks as if Nicki Minaj will not be taking the stand.

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