Nicki Minaj with her oldest brother, Jelani
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Trolls have been around since AOL started sending 50 hours’ worth of free Internet access. Fast-forward years later, and trolls don’t die, they multiply. And for celebrities, it seems as though trolls go full throttle when trying to get their attention. But there’s one celebrity who’s not having it.

Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj and her mother, Carol Maraj, attended the wedding of her oldest brother, Jelani. Nicki shared photos from the wedding on her Instagram, but in true troll fashion, the haters attacked. With comments about everything from how “nappy” her ponytail appeared to how unattractive her brother looked, the trolls on her Instagram account didn’t hold back. But Nicki didn’t, either, when it came to responding to a few people.


The photo below, via the Shade Room, is just a sample of what she said to her trolls:

Nicki took to Twitter to defend her right to troll the trolls:


Some people say that maybe Nicki shouldn’t feed the trolls, but if people can dish it out, surely they should be able to take it?

Every day, people sit behind their keyboards on the Internet and harass not only celebrities but also people who oppose their views. Sure, it’s freedom of speech, but don’t expect your freedom of speech not to be challenged, or not to end up on the receiving end of some good old-fashioned trolling yourself.

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