NFL May Fine Marshawn Lynch for Beast Mode Hat

Marshawn Lynch            
Twitter Screenshot    
Marshawn Lynch            
Twitter Screenshot    

The NFL is continuing its apparent witch hunt against the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch. On Tuesday, during Super Bowl Media Day, Lynch made it clear that he was only attending so that he wouldn’t get fined. But the NFL is now looking into fining him, not for answering questions with the same answer but for wearing his Beast Mode-brand hat.


According to ESPN, the league will determine whether the Beast Mode logo was permissible. If the league determines that it was not, he could face a hefty fine. Lynch owns four trademarks for Beast Mode, and the $33 hat is already sold out online. For a touch of irony, New Era, the line that manufactures the hats, is a proud sponsor of the NFL.

Over the last two years, the NFL has fined Lynch for several infractions, including not talking to the press and grabbing his crotch. At this point it’s safe to say that the NFL has it out for Lynch and will nitpick everything he does.


Those on social media aren’t shocked that the NFL is going after Lynch again. But they definitely think it’s unfair.

Because things like this happened during the media day:

And the NFL apparently embraces Beast Mode when it benefits the league:

Dear NFL:

Leave Marshawn alone!



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